The tools I use to balance the body are chiropractic and craniosacral therapies for the nervous system, individualized supplement and exercise programs, nutrition and lifestyle modification, and Isagenix cleanses. I synthesize these tools with regular assessments.

I provide chiropractic care, nutritional advice, and exercise protocols for muscoloskeletal pain. I utilize functional medicine testing such as Adrenal Stress Indices, Gl Pathogen Screens, and Detoxification Pathway testing to investigate root causes of poor health and create effective protocols. The people I feel I can help the most with this approach are people who are obese, fatigued, depressed, suffer from hormonal imbalances, and people who have gastrointestinal complaints. I enjoy working with people to create a protocol that fits their lives and their lifestyles to bring about the changes they want to see.

I have a unique background as an athlete, coach, teacher, and Doctor. This background gives me many tools to help individuals reach their goals. I synthesize these tools with regular assessments to monitor progress.


Our bodies are self regulating. The communication system for this regulation is the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments promote spinal and nervous system health.


Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is a unique tool which gives me insight into what your body needs.


The studies on the importance of exercise and it’s relationship to health are overwhelming. I work with seniors all the way up to Olympic athletes.


Nutrition like exercise is a cornerstone of health. Individualized plans to change behavior and regular assessments are the keys to success.


We are exposed to some 82,000 chemicals in our environment on a daily basis, many of them toxic. Many of these toxic chemicals have been proven to disrupt our hormonal system, slow our metabolism, and are becoming increasingly implicated with the onset of chronic diseases.


"Dr. Hastings has an uncanny ability to cut to the chase and help you see what you need to do to get healthy. You can tell he wants to work with you to get results and you feel confidence in his ability to support you in getting there. He makes it fun and you get results."