With functional medicine you don't treat symtoms or disease, you treat the person. I use lab tests to determine which underlying system is not properly functioning and use natural therapies and lifestyle modification to address the dysfunction.

Functional Medicine is a scientific approach to the prevention, early assessment, and treatment of complex chronic diseases. The goal is to get to the cause of the problem and not treat the symptom which should be interpreted as a signal that your body and metabolism are out of balance. Stress, poor diet, traumas, food sensitivities, environmental toxins, antibiotics, and nutrient deficiencies all negatively impact our health and our adaptive capabilities which can eventually lead to disease.

Functional medicine seeks to find and address the cause of the dis-ease and focus treatment on improving the internal terrain to restore adaptive and regulatory capacity. Conditions that respond favorably to this method are obesity, depression, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and fatigue.

Tools of functional medicine include, but are not limited to hormonal, stool, and detoxification profile testing, and functional diagnosis of standard blood tests. I don’t treat symptoms or diseases. I primarily use lab tests to determine which underlying system is not working properly and than use natural therapies to restore normal body function.


"Dr. Hastings has an uncanny ability to cut to the chase and help you see what you need to do to get healthy. You can tell he wants to work with you to get results and you feel confidence in his ability to support you in getting there. He makes it fun and you get results."